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Hauppauge Law Firm Represents Defendants Accused of Fraud

New York criminal defense attorneys fight white collar crime charges

Fraud is the use of deception for personal or financial gain. The Long Island criminal defense attorneys at the firm of Reynolds, Caronia, Gianelli & La Pinta, P.C. have more than 30 years of combined experience representing clients accused of fraud and other white collar crime charges. Our knowledgeable and committed attorneys defend clients in the Hauppauge area and throughout Nassau and Suffolk counties. We handle all types of fraud cases, including mortgage fraud, mail fraud, stock fraud, and accusations involving Ponzi schemes.

Understanding tax fraud crimes and penalties

People sometimes make mistakes on their taxes. They may underreport their earnings or attempt to over-deduct business expenses. However, when the IRS suspects that these omissions or discrepancies are intentional, they may treat them as fraud. Criminal penalties for tax fraud can include up to five years of imprisonment and fines. Individuals can be fined up to $250,000 plus the costs of prosecution, while corporations can be fined up to $500,000.

In addition to fighting charges of tax evasion, our criminal defense attorneys defend against other tax fraud charges such as:

  • Tax refund fraud. Also known as stolen identity refund fraud, this crime involves filing someone else’s taxes to take their refund.
  • Tax return preparer fraud. When accountants or other preparers intentionally claim false exemptions or expenses on their clients’ tax returns, they are committing fraud.
  • Sales tax fraud. When businesses don’t report their full income or sell untaxed liquor, fuel or cigarettes, they violate New York law.
  • Property tax fraud. Filing false documents and claiming that a piece of property used for retail is vacant are common and unlawful ways to reduce property tax bills.

Our attorneys represent those charged with any type of tax fraud in Central Islip and the surrounding areas.

Defending against bank fraud charges

Any attempt to fraudulently obtain money from a financial institution or to obtain money from customers by posing as a financial institution is considered to be bank fraud. Under federal law, bank fraud carries penalties including fines of up to $1 million and a prison sentence of up to 30 years. Common forms of bank fraud include:

  • Check fraud such as using bad or stolen checks, check kiting or forging checks
  • Filing fraudulent loan applications or taking out loans fraudulently
  • Credit card skimming and other credit card fraud

We have both the skills and experience to represent defendants accused of any type of bank fraud.

Understanding healthcare fraud charges

Medicaid pays healthcare costs for the indigent and elderly while Medicare assists the elderly in covering certain medical expenses. Both of these government health insurance programs are common targets of fraud, as are other health insurance plans. Healthcare fraud charges typically stem from claims that bill for the wrong services or for services that were not rendered at all. Charges may also be related to kickbacks, excessive services or other coding issues. Our firm fully investigates the charges against you to plan and present a formidable defense.

Representing those accused of insurance fraud

Both insurance companies and the people they cover can be accused of insurance fraud. Any act intended to produce a fraudulent outcome from an insurance claim is considered to be fraud. This means that making false or exaggerated auto, home or property insurance claims can result in charges of fraud. Similarly, actions by an insurer to wrongly deny claims may also constitute fraud.

The penalties for fraud are serious and demand skilled representation. If you face fraud charges, you need a legal team who understands the severity of those charges and is committed to protecting your rights.

Consult a New York defense attorney for help with fraud charges

If you are being investigated in relation to any type of fraud, you need an attorney with the experience and resources to investigate your case and mount a solid defense. At the firm of Reynolds, Caronia, Gianelli & La Pinta, P.C., we defend your rights both in and out of the courtroom. To schedule a free consultation with a Hauppauge defense attorney, contact us online or call us at 631-231-1199.


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