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Federal crimes are often more severe and complicated than state criminal charges, and typically carry much harsher penalties. If you are facing federal charges, contact the respected attorneys at Reynolds, Caronia, Gianelli & La Pinta, P.C..  Our experience in federal court will assist you to understand the complicated laws and process that are often overwhelming to those who are being prosecuted by the federal government.

Crimes that violate federal laws

Common types of federal crimes are:

  • Narcotics: Sale, transportation and manufacturing of illegal drugs are common categories of federal crime. The severity of a drug offense typically depends on the type of drug, the amount and the extent of the trafficking operation.
  • Firearms. Individuals accused of being in possession of weapons banned by the National Firearms Act may face federal criminal charges. In addition, it is a federal offense for a felon to possess a firearm and to use a firearm during the commission of a robbery.
  • Fraud. In 2013, 10.5 percent of all federal prosecutions involved fraud including bank and mortgage fraud, money laundering, mail and wire fraud, stock fraud and Ponzi schemes. The penalties for these types of white collar crime vary greatly and will include financial restitution.
  • Possession of child pornography. Production, distribution and possession of child pornography are commonly prosecuted in the feral courts. These offenses may carry mandatory minimum prison terms.

If you or someone you know has been charged with violating federal law, it is critical to retain an experienced federal law practitioner to assist you.

Work with a seasoned Long Island attorney for federal criminal defense issues

For legal guidance when you’re facing federal criminal charges, contact Reynolds, Caronia, Gianelli & La Pinta, P.C. by calling 631-231-1199 or by contacting us online today. Our office is centrally located off of the Long Island Expressway. We offer free consultations.

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